Chairman Message

Childhood has a house is the slogan I’ve chosen for Dar Al Zeenat which I established in 2017 after four decades I spent working with and for children to whom I belong and to whom I feel the closest, the needs of whom I understand and work hard to address with an original lovely style as a former teacher, former educational supervisor and a former production and development manager for one of the leading houses in the field of children literature where I produced and participated in the production of more than 200 titles, held various workshops training teachers on the strategies and teaching methods at the local and regional levels and participated in many educational conferences including, in particular, the 2010 Arabic Language Academy conference entitled “Educational Means and Methods for kindergarten in Jordan in physical reality and conceptual possibility”, Emirate Forum on Gulf Creativity” as a Jordanian guest of honor and my speech “The Effectiveness of Educational Games on the Improvement of Linguistic, performance and life skills “ at Curriculum Summit Morocco 2017.Dar Al Zeenat for Publishing & Distribution aspires to meet children’s expectations, incubate and publish their creativity.